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Prowritingaid is a startup company from Oxford in United Kingdom. Prowritingaid is a start-up specialized in Services. ProWritingAid is your free online writing editor and personal writing coach. Prowritingaid’s headquarter is based in Oxford, in United Kingdom. Here it is – ProWritingAid Review.
This is a great app, if you want flexibility in pricing for what your specific needs are. There is one version that is totallly free and that will provide 19 reports related to verb tense, subject-verb agreement, awkward phrasing, sentence structure errors, mechanics, and so forth. You do have a word limit – 3000 in fact – which translates to about a 12-page essay or paper. And there is no interactive editing. Your errors will be pointed out and you will be responsible for fixing them. But, if you can cough up $35 a year, you will have an unlimited number of pages and you will get interactive editing – you will receive suggestions for repairing your errors, and you can choose to accept them or not. For an additional $5/year, you will get the “whole enchilada” which would be particularly useful for grad students working on theses and dissertations.

A member of one of my Google+ writing communities recommended Pro Writing Aid. This tool allows you to paste a block of text and analyze it for a variety of potential problems. It has Prowritingaid Coupon free online versions and expanded subscription packages for purchase.

I’m not going to bore you with a review. This ProWritingAid Coupon page has a side-by-side comparison (remember–this is their own page, so account for some potential bias). As you can see, Pro Writing Aid Voucher Code has more features, especially for free. I know more is not always necessarily better, but when it comes to free, it’s hard to beat. To be fair, there are a few features available on AutoCrit that aren’t available on Pro Writing Aid (Homonym and Readability reports).

Comparing the sentence variation tool each offers, Pro Writing Aid provides a similar, yet more detailed report than AutoCrit. I also found some report output variation between the two. For instance, although using my same block of text produced nearly identical overused words reports, the cliche reports were quite different. Analyzing the exact same text, the Pro Writing Aid Wizard found the following cliches:

• give me a hand
• taken aback
• in your face
• hard to swallow
• wasted

Obviously, they’re not carbon copies of each other, as there were no duplicate cliches between the two. This test suggests there may be some value in using Pro Writing Aid more, if love to go over your writing with a fine-toothed comb.

I did notice a few oddities (errors?) with Pro Writing Aid, although personally, I would consider them negligible. For example, the consistency report summary indicated 51 hyphenation problems, although when trying to find them in the text, they did not appear. AutoCrit is faster in analyzing text. In my 4,000-word block, Pro Writing Aid took around 15 seconds to analyze the text, whereas AutoCrit was done in about 4 seconds.

In summary, the Pro Writing Aid free version gives you more reports and features than AutoCrit premium. If you are considering using an online editing tool, I’d suggest comparing the two yourself, or starting with Pro Writing Aid if you’re not a comparison shopper. After all, good free stuff is hard to pass up.

Instamate 2.0 Review



About Instamate

Instamate product belongs to Luke Maguire. Not much hype around this product at the moment, but this product has potential. I manage to get a sneak peek at the revolutionary Instagram marketing software and lets just say there is information inside this product that will give you success if you execute it.

So far, I didn’t get to see the full product in action but I have a big feeling that this product will be very helpful and possible help you succeed in using this new tool and change the way you market your product / services . So this product will have to be perfect to get attention over other products which are being released by heavy hitters.

Instamate review will of course be posted here and I will let you guys know the deal about this powerful marketing tool. Bad or great, you will have my honest thoughts and reactions of the product and if I recommend it to you all. We have tons of reviews coming up and I will make sure you have the absolute best product in your hands by reviewing all these products then picking the best.

What Can Instamate Do For You?

Automate Your Instagram Account For Life

Have your Instagram posting the most viral content on the internet daily in ANY niche while engaging with the top brands followers in that niche on complete autopilot.

No Need To Pay For Ads Again

Instagrams organic engagement is over DOUBLE that of Facebook and it doesn’t limit that reach like Facebook does. Why pay for ads when you can increase your organic reach by millions with Instamate?

World’s First Instagram Affiliate Cloaker Tool Included

Instamate gives many ways to monetize the viral content while having a huge reach. One of these ways is by affiliate marketing and Luke has created a proven software that safely lets you add affiliate links to Instagram for direct 1 click sales

100% Set & Forget

Simply search any keyword, choose the content that has gone viral previously, edit accordingly with the displayed top hashtags in your niches and hit schedule. The sit back and watch the leads, engagement and SALES come in

World’s 1st Direct Web Instagram Post Scheduler

Never need to worry about syncing photos to your phone, using 3rd party apps to edit and setting alarms to remind you when it is time to post. Have Instamate post the most viral content 24/7 for you

Monetize Your Authority Sites With 1 Click

While having a huge audience is great, the key customers want is to MONETIZE, so Luke has added in a complete content optimizer to add call to action buttons, watermarks, filters, text etc instantly


Luke and his support team are one of the best. As an owner of Luke’s previous product Viral Autobots, we have first hand experience of just how far Luke will go to accommodate and support his customers.

Instamate Review and Bonuses

I recently was given the opportunity from Luke Maguire to take a sneak peak at the Instamate ( The World’s First & Only One Instagram Marketing Software) the following is my review and my thoughts. I hope you find my ramblings helpful

By the way, you’ll definitely want to see my awesome Free bonus package. It’s about the surest, easiest ways to make money online I know

What Is Instamate?

Instamate is the worlds first and only all in one web software to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage and monetize the most viral content on Instagram instantly and on complete autopilot.

Until now, you would have to manually find content, sync it to your mobile device (since you couldn’t post to Instagram from your computer), use many 3rd party apps to edit the content, set alarms to remind you when to post, think about what hashtags to use and the still hope to find a way to monetize it.

Instamate removes ALL of these issues, allowing you to find, edit, post and schedule the most VIRAL content on Instagram, directly from your computer, instantly. At the same time you will be driving free organic traffic to your profiles from automatic engagements. It’s the only all in one Instagram software which will find the world’s most popular content in any niche in seconds. You simply have to enter in your keywords, niche or hashtag. Instamate is then going to provide you with the content which has been proven to go viral in the past and will go viral again in the future, ready to being post instantly. It’s the all in one, set and forget Instagram tool the market has been waiting for.

Instamate does let you edit this content with the inbuilt instant editor. It also provides you with a list of top trending hashtags for your niche from both, Twitter and Instagram. Then it enables you post and schedule this content directly to multiple Instagram accounts with one single click. This is really the only one set and forget Instagram Suite that will put your Instagram account on complete autopilot. This does definitely help you to get rid of your Instagram ads, so that you can save money and make more profits. You can also avail Instamate Coupon Code which provide you best discount on your purchase

Problem with many marketer avoiding using Instagram

  1. Until Instamate, You couldn’t post content directly from your desktop computer to Instagram because Instagram is a smartphone application only
  2. You have to go through a lot of trial and error to find out what actually works and what doesn’t.
  3. Even with the iPhone app, you can’t schedule posts in the advance which makes it an extremely manual process
  4. Another major issue is, that it’s extremely difficult to manage more than one account
  5. As user you have to download and install multiple apps to be able to edit images, find out what hashtags are popular and what’s trending

Is Instamate Worth It?

First, it’s developed by Instagram Marketing Experts, Luke Maguire. He has created a software even a complete newbies can find, edit, upload, schedule, engage and monetize the most content on viral Instagram instantly and on complete autopilot. While this software is not a magic pill or a silver bullet, the strategies are proven.


In conclusion, Instamate is the best Instagram Software to Finds, Edits, And Posts Viral Content To Your Instagram Account with 100% Autopilot I can say that without any hesitation. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to realize that this is the way to create a simple and easy way to automate your instagram account and monetize with viral content.

One Last Thing:

This is a very safe investment. If you find you’re unhappy with the course, for whatever reason, you can be sure Luke Maguire will refund your money with no hassle, and no questions asked.

I know this because I heard from a number of people (through this very site) how they had decided to ask for refunds for all kind of reasons.

So even though it’s much less likely that you’ll be unhappy with this course, I felt it was worth mentioning that Luke Maguire have proven to be true to their word as far as their money back guarantee is concerned. So you can buy without fear of losing your money in case you change your mind about this making money online thing, or you just plain don’t like the course for whatever reason.

Price of Product?

Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $37 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

Instamate 2.0 : Instamate Luxury Edition 2017 Bonuses:


That’s right, you will be getting 5 LIFETIME Instamate accounts for the price of 1! Grow multiple 6 figure fan pages at ONCE from scratch in weeks. If you wanted 5 accounts after launch week it would cost over $200 a month!

InstaFamous – The Infulencer Network Life Time Access ($347 Value)

Without a doubt the biggest Instagram bonus ever offered online – you get a free lifetime membership to Instafamous, the largest instagram influencer network allowing you to find social influencers in your niche to promote your brand/product/service to their followers – sending you viral instantly.


Hashtags are the BEST way to get free traffic on Instagram, and Twitter is the best place to find live stats of what is trending, so we included a twitter tag trending module

Instagram & FB font changer ($97 Value)

You will also get our Facebook Font Changer module 100% free when you pick up Instamate before the clock hits zero. This allows you to change your font on FB and really stand out of the crowd, stopping people in their feeds seeing your offer.


Access to the Instamate Secret VIP Group where myself and other top online marketers will be working together WITH you. Your success really depends on who you know and network with. The circle you surround yourself in is key to fast tracking your success and holding you accountable to get the results.

Instamate 2.0: Instamate Luxury Edition 2017 Related Product (OTO/Upsell/Upgrade):

Front End: Instamate 2.0

OTO 1 – Instamate Auto Scheduler 2017

– Instamate Auto Scheduler dedicates an IP address to the user so they can schedule content, close their computer and have it done for you.

– Auto scheduler also allows the user to add and automate 2 extra instagram accounts in their instamate dashboard.

– Perfect solution for those who do not want to leave their browsers open to schedule with their own internet connection in the f/e product.

OTO 2 – Instamate VIP Training 2017

– 6 figure earner training system.

– Have your list come inside some of my 6 figure instagram pages and see the exact process I use to create these with Instamate on Autopilot.

– Again a proven OTO VSL system making it a no brainer to grab.

OTO 3 – Instamate Image and Video Editor 2017

– Instamate image editor lets you edit the imagery Instamate finds for you instantly.

– Use all the filters plus many more that the instagram app has.

– Allows your audience to add call to actions and make their content unique..

– Finally you are able to monetize both updates & Ads with Instamate Autobot Cloaker.

– Have your audience have their content go VIRAL instantly while MONETIZING this content at the same time.

– Proven OTO VSL system that simply just works.

– Includes Full Training on how to use this with Instamate.

– Instagram seamlessly with Instamate.

OTO 4 – Instamate Link Cloaker 2017

– Finally you are able to monetize both updates & Ads with Octosuite Autobot cloaker.

– Have your audience have their content go VIRAL instantly while MONETIZING this content at the same time.

OTO 5 – Instamate White Label 20 Accounts Key 2017

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Gravity Forms Plugin For WordPress

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GravityForms is the best and highly recommended plugin for WordPress to add contact forms to your website. Once you have started serving a specific category of physical or digital nature products, you will get replies from your customers to inquire about product features, pricing and distribution system you are using for your products. Gravity Forms is one of the earliest plugin found on WordPress and one to remain with GPL. This plugin makes it quit easy to develop complex forms. In initial version of this plugin, multi- page forms were not available but now there are available in latest version.

GravityForms is an easy-to-use plugin and you can develop multiple simple and complex contact forms with it. Either you need just email address and contact names of your customers or need to submit a review about your products; all this is possible with Gravity Forms. It has various structures for contact forms, varying from simple normal line text and radio button to complex contact forms including phone numbers, customer address and name. You can also add custom posts or fields to your website based on your website specifications.

Once you have finished designing your contact form through Gravityforms, they will support you with user registration, Twilio, PayPal, Freshbooks, Aweber and Campaign Monitor. Gravity Forms support is provided from its website and couple of forums which also provide the support and discussion about use of Gravity Forms and making creative use of it. The code quality of Gravity Forms has been approved over last few years and now it is 99 percent efficient.

Get $99 Off Gravity Forms Coupons

$50 Off On Gravity Forms Plugin – WPAFFILIATE50

Review About GorillaThemes

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GorillaThemes is an online WP themes store which offers customized professional themes based on its users requirements for the website layout and designs. Carlos Aguaron founded GorillaThemes after his mission to bring innovative web products and keeping in mind great demand of latest tools for easy websites development. Carlos is an experienced web designer and his interest to manage a company came in the shape of GorillaThemes. The company strives to bring unique WP themes and always providing customers with value added services. All the themes are easy to manage and matched with varying customers designs.

A professional WordPress design is key differentiation factor and GorillaThemes believes that customization should be avoided, because this feature is somewhat confusing to many website owners. Company has fully equipped all the themes with several options to allow easy designing and layout edit of the website. GorillaThemes graphics feature is exceptional and all the themes have creative animations along with graphical effects to bring real view to your website. Themes have matching fonts, layout color and design and emphasize the titles according to latest cutting edge web designs.

When you buy GorillaThemes, you are provided with language translation and direct translation to Spanish and Portuguese is also available. There are now 12 unique themes available in its e-store and each of the themes has been targeted at specific customers’ requirements. Gorilla themes offer two packages as for its pricing feature is concerned. Basic package price is $79, but they are available at 50 percent discount and you will buy at $40, while developers pack is available at $99.95.

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Going green is requirement of the day and one should select the hosting company which accomplishes the green standards of technology. GreenGeeks is number#1 green web hosting company of the world, founded in 2006 and have more than 1 million registered domains. Company offers you basic four plans; VPS, Reseller, Dedicated server hosting and Shared hosting and offering its services in more than 155 countries around the world. GreenGeeks web hosting coupons are now available and you can get new hosting plan at $4.95 instead of regular price $6.95.

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Its user-friendly and popular CPanel is highly supportive for new website users and you can easily manage your website with little training. Website ecommerce features, unlimited databases, SSL secure server certificated, shopping cart, directors with highly protected passwords and PGP/GPG encryption standard are the key features which should make your decision to go with GreenGeeks.